Halt, Loser!

This is a restricted area. You are quite possibly viewing my website from a country that attempts to break into my webserver on a regular basis, or you might just be trying to access something in a way that makes this webserver puke.

What do I do?

If you believe you are improperly blocked, try a different connection - you DO have friends with another internet connection, right? If their connection works, you may access my "Contact Me" page to let me know about your plight, and I will look into why you might be blocked. If you were just trying to access something and other parts of this site work, try again later.

But it's not my fault!

Unfortunately some countries spend more time sending spam and trying to break into webservers than they do innocent surfing, and as I don't monitor this server 24/7 I do have to take drastic action. If you want to get your country unblocked, first make an effort with your government and/or ISPs to clean up the problems - then I will consider unblocking you.

But ____________ isn't blocked to me!

OK? Most large companies such as Google, Yahoo, and others have teams of people monitoring their servers constantly. I do not, hence my decisions.

How can I go back?

How have your survived on the internet this long? Use the freakin' back button! or click this here link.